Відкріта ніч
All roads go to festival
Open night - Stage 18
Locations in all Ukrainian cities
Since now 2 days, 1 night

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45 minutes
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1+1 media is looking for best idea
of TV series with support of “The
Open Night - Take 18” festival

Dates of the festival

26-27 of June

This year the festival is extended for two days and one night. “Open Night - Take 18” takes place at 26-27 of June.

Extending boundaries. Besides the festival film review, the program features the best European student films, master classes of the progressive Ukrainian and European artists and the idea pitching “The Next Big Thing - 2015”.


Film category
  • Live action
  • Documentary film
  • Motion picture
TV nominations
  • Special report
  • Short Film «My Independence»
  • Promo/Commercial

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